BOATILUS creates sustainable qualitative & premium footwear

These are shoes for Millennial eco-friendly families who care about the product’s ecological impact, about the future of the planet and who recognize themselves in BOATILUS’ DNA, in the philosophy started by BOATILUS’ couple of parents founders.

Its Franco-Italian founders are both parents, and 7th generation shoe manufacturers, who have been making footwear since 1810.
A combination of French and Italian styling, the ‘BOATILUS’ brand is a response to a need that exists as parents: ingenious, sustainable and original footwear for our children and yours. They do everything in their power to make our planet greener with their small, seemingly invisible brand, developing eco-friendly concepts of different BOATILUS shoes lines…

In 2008, ‘BOATILUS’ produced the first Biodegradable rain boots

and was the first to create and make truly biodegradable leather shoes in 2008 by participating in the making of a biodegradable polymer, as well as fibers, threads and textiles from recycled water bottles to make T-shirts and felt jackets.

For cold weather, BOATILUS winter boots have a truly water-proof sole, with a felt insole and fleece lining from recycled water bottles, including a patented aluminum foil “ALUPROTECT membrane” from recycled aluminium cans, both materials produced in Europe for best comfort and insulation!

The first Biodegradable Winter Boots

During summer in 2015, ‘BOATILUS’ was the first brand to renew all of its 17 Paris shops with real sustainable furniture developing unique shells, bones sits, pay table, and unique welly trees, 100% in recycled carton!

In 2017, ‘BOATILUS’ started producing its famous NAUTIC scented wellies in the USA and extended its collection with new patented winter boots.

The brand is present in more than 4.000 stores...

France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Singapore, Israël, USA,

In 2020, ‘BOATILUS’ has completed its collection by creating unique BIO-based 100% recyclable BIOTY beach sandals, always paying attention to the anatomical lasts of baby & kids, using a complete color range of Italian qualitative scented material.
The BIOTYs are 100% recyclable and have an ergonomic shape with a real anti-shock footbed for optimum comfort. The sole is non-slip with 15% recycled Breton oyster powder, replacing the usual chemical components! They are scented with lemon zest essence from Italy with natural antibacterial effects.


 BOATILUS Summer 2022 collection

was completed with – the first European produced, bio-sourced scented DINGY flip-flops,a classic sustainable DS sneaker, using only Italian quality materials, and an eco-friendly leather footbed sandals: the Baby and Children IRKY fusbett sandals with an indestructible thermo-rubber sole recycled in Italy from soles and scraps.

In 2023 the ‘BOATILUS’ summer collection

was completed by creating 3 new unique shoes : a unique slide sandal, an amazing clog and a fashion chealsy boot. As the BIOTY sandals, the SLIDY, CLOGGY or the BEATLY are all 100% recyclable, perfumed & BIO-based shoe with the same antisliding outsole with real SHOCK-ABSORBER on the heel, BIO-SOURCED, BIO-BASED and made out of RECYCLED OYSTER shells from BRITTANY in France that replace up to 15% of the normal components. These shoes are SCENTED with expeller pressed lemon rinds* from Italy diluted by 5°/°° and are 100% RECYCLABLE.

Because BOATILUS founders want several lives for their creations, they founded the


By the end, as indicated by the TRIMAN logo on the outsole, they can simply be thrown into plastic recycling bins to be recycled for the production of windows, tubes, rolling shutters and more.

Together we need to do everything in our power to change the future. BOATILUS products are one of the answers!



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